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Vienna becomes India (at least for a weekend)

by Stefan Mey

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Those who have known me for a long time and have read my book “Tweeting in tuk-tuk” know that I have a certain proximity to the Indian subcontinent and have treated India also in numerous projects-among other things with the founding of the blog Www.indische-wirtschaft.at in front of around Ten years and with the organization of two “IndiaCamps” events, in which India-interested people were able to exchange questions about the world’s largest democracy.

My companion from this time, Wolfgang Berg Thaler, now goes a big step forward together with other people and organizes from 22. to 23. September the “Seva India Festival”. The entire project works bombastic: at 2000 square meters, around 800 people are to be seated in the Colearning-Zentrum Markhof Wien and listen to over 60 lectures, in addition there are more than 40 workshops. The range of topics ranges from religion and culture to business and politics to the topic of travel; Cooking classes are offered as well as a book exchange-on which I am probably going to contribute with one or two copies of my book.

I’m really looking forward to the event, I already bought a ticket on the platform WeMakeIt-and am happy when I see one or the other of you there!

Disclaimer: I know one of the organizers of the Seva India Festival, Wolfgang Berg Thaler, personally. We have co-operated the blog www.indische-wirtschaft.at and organized two barcamps; Besides, Wolfgang is one of the protagonists in my book.

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