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This Indian heavy metal band knows how to rock properly

by Stefan Mey

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Those who think of heavy metal, at first, probably have countries like the USA in mind, from which music exports like Metallica originate. In the next step, however, metal-heads think of Brazil, the home of Sepultura and the related band Soulfly. And then of course there would be Germany with the Wacken Festival, as well as the Scandinavian countries. Only few of them, however, link India to heavy metal. I myself was at the first Metallica concert in Bangalore a few years ago, otherwise I noticed India in pop-musical terms as a mix of Bollywood, heartbreak Pop and at best some ESO-rock music in REM-style.  The metal gap is now filled by a band from Delhi with the beautiful name “Bloodywood”.

Bloodywood rely on hard guitar riffs and a dark voice; in order to reach as many people as possible, the band mainly plays cover versions of popular pop songs. At the top of the list is, of course, a Persiflage of “Punjabi MC”, the most famous Indian pop export of the 21st century (see above). But also the Backstreet Boys and “Despacito” are not safe from the Indian metal heads.

In their latest video, Bloodywood with the song “Ari Ari” bring a completely own work-and also present this in combination with particularly obscure scenes of India’s streets. “You have no idea how hard it is to play the guitar on a camel,” says the band’s Facebook page.

Overall a very refreshing musical rediscovery-and a pleasant musical accompaniment for the daily commute.

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