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von Stefan Mey

Tweeting in Tuk-Tuks

tweeting-englishThe story of a man who came to India to work and then found very different, unusual things there. The book is written in the form of short exerpts in the social media age known as the 21st century. We hear the Om but don’t recognise it; somewhere beside a pooing cow, a middle-class Indian is busy checking in with Foursquare while self-discovery tourists are searching for salvation. People are tweeting everywhere. This is a story of social media self-discovery – probably the first in the entire known universe. It took shape during travel, while all sorts of things were constantly happening around the author; while he was actually trying to land an important deal in India – or maybe not? India has never been so digital, but at the same time nor so colourful or so real. This book tells us why the aspiring country can still confuse us, even in the age of Facebook. It’s a must-have for anyone who’s had enough of traditional self-discovery literature.

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…as well as on Scribd, Tolino, 3M, Baker and Taylor, Follet, Gardners and Chegg.

Die deutsche Version des Buchs ist erhältlich bei Amazon als Kindle-Ebook, bei Amazon als Print-Version, direkt bei der Druckerei als Print-Version, sowie im herkömmlichen Buchhandel als Bestellung unter der ISBN 9783844267990.

The Italian Version, „Twittando su un risciò“, is available now on Amazon, Apple, Kobo, Barnes & Noble und Scribd

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