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von Stefan Mey

stefan-meyStefan Mey enjoys trying out new things. During his studies of international business relations, he worked in Zagreb, studied in The Hague, learnt various languages – including Croatian and Esperanto – and travelled a lot. Once he’d graduated, he began his professional career as editor-in-chief of the Austrian publication “Bunte Zeitung”, and started up the TV show “Community.Talk” which was broadcast on the local Vienna TV channel “Okto”. He co-organised the “Monkey Island Revival Party” in Vienna, played in a number of bands, and performed in various locations, including London, as a member of the alternative artist group “UrBanNoMadMixEs”. As well as indische-wirtschaft.de, he set up the blog stefanmey.com, where he still writes regularly, as well as an eLearning-platform called respondoj.com.

The son of German diplomats, Stefan spent his childhood in Russia, South Africa and India. Today, he lives and works as a journalist in Vienna. “Tweeting in Tuk-Tuks” is his first book. He hopes that more will follow.

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