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How to make your own Cold Brew Coffee

by Stefan Mey

Cold Brew Coffee is adrink whoch is very popular among hipsters and which is sold in various trendy coffee houses at inflated prices. But what is Cold Brew Coffee? Well, basically, it’s cold coffee. And it has never been hot. If you want to save yourself a few bucks, here’s a step-by-step guide on how to create your own Cold Brew Coffee (and therefore gain credibility among your friends). 

As ingredients you need:

  • Ground coffee (we used special cold brew coffee, but probably everyone else does it too
  • Water
  • A coffee filter (or better: a machine for filter coffee)
  • A refrigerator

Here’s how it works:

1. mix coffee and water

Cold Brew in der Zubereitung: Der Kaffee.Cold Brew in der Zubereitung: Wasser.

Mix the coffee and cold tap water in a container. We have mixed 100 grams of coffee with half a litre of water, but of course you can take a multiple of that.

2. cover and let the magic happen

Stir the mixture thoroughly, cover the pot and then put the brown stock in the refrigerator where it will be kept for the next ten hours (!). Works especially well overnight – then you can already look forward to the caffeine kick in the morning when you go to bed.

3. filtering the Cold Brew Coffee 

Then use the filter to separate the coffee from the coffee powder. The procedure shown in the picture did not work so well for us, due to the coffee filter holder; therefore, we simply let the coffee run cold through the coffee machine.

4. Done!

Afterwards you can enjoy your cold coffee – either pure, with ice, milk or vanilla ice cream. Below you can see two possible serving suggestions. A friend of mine recently advised me to combine it with tonic water, and it is said that various cocktails can be mixed with it. I’ll try everything – and tell you about it afterwards.

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