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Four simple recipes for absurdly spicy chilies

by Stefan Mey

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Last summer on our balcony, I cultivated the Trinidad Red scorpion-with an average sharpness of 1.2 million Scoville the second sharpest chili in the world. This chili is so spicy that experts strongly advise against a pure consumption for health reasons. So what to do with that great responsibility that goes along with this great power?

I have now processed all the chilis of my harvest and I like to pass on those recipes that also cook-yoo-hoo as I can easily implement.

1. Chili oil

Super-Easy in the preparation, super spicy in taste: Slice the Chili peppers, pour in a bottle of oil (I used olive oil)-done. When cutting the pods, it is advisable to take appropriate protective measures in the case of particularly spicy chilies: So at least switch on the ventilation in the kitchen, wash your hands immediately after cutting, and possibly wear eye protection.

2. Chili Vodka

Similarly simple in the preparation as the chili oil, also burns like crazy: A reasonable number of chili pods (at the Trinidad Scorpion handed a single) dry, put in the bottle of vodka and let it go-with me have served 1-2 weeks, then I have the Chili pod removed again. The picture, by the way, does not show my own creation, but a vodka that I bought in Georgia.

3. Chili powder

Even a trace more complex: I have dried the remaining pods for a few weeks, removed the green stalk with a knife, then rubbed the dried chilis with a mortar. Again, it is advisable to switch on the ventilation. The result is very high in the picture. I have now mixed the powder with salt, which results in a geschmackiges, salty-spicy chili salt.

4. Chili sauce

A friend has written me a specially created recipe for a chili sauce. Unfortunately, the friend is a doctor, so I cannot read his writing and therefore did not try the recipe myself. Maybe you’re more fortunate than me.

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