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Insider tip: The Königstetten Parkbad

by Stefan Mey
In the Parkbad Königstetten there are also slides!

Those who are looking for a cool down in the summer time, most of the times take the way in direction to the Danube or visit one of the numerous open air swimming pools of Vienna. Also the Tullner Aubad is repeatedely a popular excursion destination close to Vienna – for good reasons, as the area there is large and offers a respective infrastructure. At the other end of the spectrum there are again those swimming pools that are so small that they almost seem to be familiar. One of these pools is the Parkbad Königstetten.

Basically, Parkbad Königstetten is nothing special – but that is exactly what makes it so attractive. Because it is so small that only a few Viennese get lost there and so it is not too crowded. It seemed to us that most of the few bathers there were locals.

The infrastructure of the Parkbad Königstetten

At the same time, the bathroom does not have to hide when it comes to infrastructure. Specifically, there are:

  • A large sunbathing lawn with plenty of shade in the form of trees and parasols
  • A baby pool, which is divided into two basins, which are connected by a ramp. There is an awning for shade, and there is a small slide
  • A sandbox
  • A small playground
  • A small bistro that serves ice cream, beer and iced coffee, among other things
  • A large pool with a slide that is divided into several lanes
  • A table tennis table
  • Clean toilets

I was especially enthusiastic about the baby pool, which really offers everything that one expects from such a pool – and especially the shade is a real hit in hot weather. The following picture shows the baby pool after the end of the bath, with the sun sail folded up.

It was quite an eye-opener for us that you don’t always have to go to the same big, crowded swimming pools – but that you can have fun in smaller pools like this one. Furthermore, the one-time entrance is free with the Niederösterreich Card (although it has to be said that I blew my savings on the same day at the bistro for ice cream and iced coffee). So we will certainly visit several more baths of this kind this summer.

Map: Location and directions to the Parkbad Königstetten

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