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by Stefan Mey

Exercise is healthy-and that's why this annual sports goal is about travelling as long as possible to pedes within 12 months. We are also looking forward to all those who join us again this time. All information on this can be found in the following questions and answers.

1. What is the goal of this challenge?

We want to take a total of 4.444.444 steps in a year's time. Why exactly this number? Because we like the number four, because we love alliterations, and because we have the number 4,444,444 as mathematical alliteration with our favorite number, so double the sky. Pure Love so. Apart from that: The set step goal is a distance that is challenging but schaffable.

2. Wait a minute… How long is that really?

A breakdown of how much that is per month, week, and day can be found in the table below. I've done the Conversion into kilometers through this Website-if You're bigger than me, the Distances are longer, of course, as You take bigger Steps.

Per year4,444,444.002,666.66
Per month370,370.33222.22
Per week85,470.0851.28
Per day12,176.567.31

If these numbers are still too strong, here is a small guide from the real world: according to Google Maps, the annual target is pretty much the shortest footpath between Vienna and Lisbon; The monthly destination corresponds to the distance between Vienna and the Therme bad Schallerbach. Every Week you have to go from Vienna to St. Pölten and every Day it means: First from Stephansplatz in Vienna to the shelter on Heuberg, which is located on The Outskirts of the City.

3. Can I make it?

Yes, but it's not going to be a picnic. WHO recommends 10,000 steps per day, which per se is an ambitious goal for many people-on the other hand, we want to create more than 12,000 steps per day on average. Experience from the previous year has shown that this is only possible with a combination of regular everyday movement and adventures on the weekends. If you are halfway motivated by everyday life, then you probably really come to 10,000 steps per day-the rest you have to catch up with hiking. Tips for Hiking Routes-especially in Austria-can be found here.

4. Are you completely nuts?

Quite the opposite! We believe that exercise is healthy. It helps to prevent chronic diseases such as obesity, diabetes and back ailments and to create an important balance to the unhealthy sitting posture of everyday life. Moreover, movement is incredibly fun; You will see completely new parts of your hometown that you have never noticed before. Trust us-we narrowly missed the Eowyn Challenge target last Year, but we don't regret a single Step just because of the Experience it has gained.

5. Ok… How can I participate?

Simple: Grab a Pedometer and go out into the big wide World! You can then record the kilometres you have gone down at home in an Excel spreadsheet. Unfortunately, I am no longer able to Offer a joint Excel Spreadsheet for measuring With other Participants for Privacy reasons.

6. How do I track my progress?

That's up to everyone themselves. For tracing the steps, a pedometer, as there are for example, Fitbit, Withings, Garmin, Samsung and Polar is recommended. Alternatively, many mobile phones also offer integrated pedometers, but they are often not as accurate as the said bracelets. And if Data Protection is important, you can also record his Steps with an analogue Pedometer that is not connected to the Internet.

Some of these bracelets can also measure altitudes travelled: At Fitbit, for example, around three metres of altitude are counted as one floor. Here it pays to take a close look at the manufacturer's information, or to read test reports.

You can document the new experiences for you privately in a diary. And if you've experienced a particularly cool thing, you can also write me an email. With a bit of luck, I invite you as guests to my podcast.

7. Can I win something?

The most beautiful reward is the feeling of having mastered a challenge. Apart from that, you can win an appearance on my podcast (see above). I'm also working on a Reward system for the Challenges, which is due to be completed sometime in the course of 2019-in case I'm not too busy with other things. In any case, it is important that you do not cheat on the challenge: Because only if you are honest with yourself can you rejoice in the success afterwards.

Isn't this Challenge right for you? Don't Worry: We have many other crazy Ideas! You can find them under this Link.

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