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10x10x10: Our sports challenge for 2019

by Stefan Mey

Every year we set ourselves a sporting goal, which we want to achieve within 365 days-so we have gone 4.444.444 steps about once within a year and travelled the fictional distance between Hobbiton and Mordor. Here we start another challenge of this kind. She's not quite as demanding in sports, focusing instead on a healthy level of exercise and a good work-life balance.

1. What is it all about?

Not a single one, but up to three goals is to be achieved here. Namely:

  • We take an average of the WHO's recommended 10,000 steps a day
  • We experience ten new, unusual things, so we regularly broaden our horizons
  • We climb 10,000 meters of altitude for the full year

2. How realistic is achieving this goal?

Unlike other challenges, this time the step goal is relatively easy to achieve. By way of comparison, the 4.444.444 challenge averages 12,177 steps per day, or more than 20 per cent more. Nevertheless, the Task should not be taken lightly: If you just knock around on the Sofa, you won't get far. Many an after-work walk and one or the other weekend hike are indispensable here.

Even the 10,000-meter goal sounds more dramatic than it really is. If you regularly use the steps instead of the escalators during commuting and do without the elevator at home or in the office, you can easily achieve the required 27.4 meters per day. In addition, there are various hikes and excursions on weekends. But here, too, the inner pig dog must not be underestimated!

Finally, there is the annual goal, which has more to do with mental balance than physical fitness: The ten experiences per year. Here, everyone is left to decide what they define as a "new experience": We, for example, will probably try a new spa in winter, explore new hiking routes in spring and autumn, and holiday in summer in a place we've never been. But of course you can also check off a new ski area or go to another outdoor pool in the summer. Or you can do your first skydive. What you do doesn't really matter-the main thing is, you are richer by an experience afterwards.

3. Who is this challenge suitable for?

We designed this challenge specifically for parents of young children. Because when the offspring gets a little bigger, they want to stand on their own two feet and no longer be carried around, so that long hikes are no longer as easy as they used to be. The sporting goals have therefore been set lower, but one is explicitly asked to look at new hobbies that fit better into the current phase of life.

Of course, childless friends are also welcome to take part in the challenge if they feel like it.

4. How do I track my progress?

That's up to everyone themselves. For tracing the steps, a pedometer, as there are for example, Fitbit, Withings, Garmin, Samsung and Polar is recommended. Alternatively, many mobile phones also offer integrated pedometers, but they are often not as accurate as the said bracelets. And if Data Protection is important, you can also record his Steps with an analogue Pedometer that is not connected to the Internet.

Some of these bracelets can also measure altitudes travelled: At Fitbit, for example, around three metres of altitude are counted as one floor. Here it pays to take a close look at the manufacturer's information, or to read test reports.

You can document the new experiences for you privately in a diary. And if you've experienced a particularly cool thing, you can also write me an email. With a bit of luck, I invite you as guests to my podcast.

5. Can I win something?

The most beautiful reward is the feeling of having mastered a challenge. Apart from that, you can win an appearance on my podcast (see above). I'm also working on a Reward system for the Challenges, which is due to be completed sometime in the course of 2019-in case I'm not too busy with other things. In any case, it is important that you do not cheat on the challenge: Because only if you are honest with yourself can you rejoice in the success afterwards.

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